Iowa Corn Opportunities


What is Iowa Corn Opportunities, LLC (ICO)?
ICO is an equity fund designed to invest and assist companies that are developing new uses, products, and markets for the corn industry to benefit Iowa’s corn growers.

How is ICO funded?
Currently, ICO is funded by the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA). ICO will consider raising additional funds from selected outside entities.

What key criteria does ICO use to evaluate investment in new business opportunities?
The investment must be related in a significant way to value-added agriculture and/or the corn industry. The investment must be consistent with the mission of ICGA, which is to create opportunities for long-term Iowa corn grower profitability. The investment must yield returns in less than three years. Opportunities that allow corn growers to invest is also used to evaluate potential investments.

How do I contact ICO about receiving funds for new business opportunities?
If you are developing a business and have a well documented business plan, e-mail or call Brian Jones at (515) 225-9242.

What’s the relationship between Iowa Corn Opportunities and the Iowa Corn Growers Association?
ICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ICGA, organized to implement ICGA strategies in the area of new business development to benefit Iowa’s corn growers.

How will ICO benefit Iowa’s corn growers?
ICO provides corn growers with new investment opportunities by participating in and fostering companies that develop new uses, new products and new markets for the corn industry. By making strategic investments, that if successful, will return dividends and profits to the ICGA. The profits returned to the ICGA will provide additional opportunities to invest in new and expanded programs that support Iowa’s corn growers.

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