Iowa Corn Opportunities

Investment Strategy

ICO is focused on investment opportunities that will add value to the corn industry in Iowa and beyond. ICO networks with:

  • Other established equity funds and sources of capital to jointly evaluate and invest in value-added agricultural business opportunities
  • Companies and sources of capital outside Iowa to encourage more investment in the corn industry and in Iowa specifically
  • Leading farmers and ag-related businesses in rural America.

KEY CRITERIA used to evaluate investment opportunities — and elements to consider in your proposal — include:

  • Is the investment related in a significant way to value-added agriculture and/or the corn industry?
  • Is the investment consistent with the mission of ICGA, which is to create opportunities for long-term Iowa corn grower profitability?
  • Does the investment have potential to yield returns in less than three years?
  • Does the investment result in the development of products or the delivery of services to increase the profits – or reduce the risks – associated with corn production?
  • Can corn growers invest in the opportunity?

ICO efforts are designed to complement and coordinate with existing efforts and programs in Iowa, including the Iowa Economic Development Authority and other new business initiatives in the state.


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